Christina Romero -

Along with performing, Christina loves teaching, training others, and tutoring.  Her emphasis is often on improving speech, communication, confidence, writing, and performance skills of individuals. Her current classes and services include the following: 

Private Acting Coaching

Assistant Casting

Guest Teaching Artist for Theatre, Film, and Video Classes

Tutoring Children

Homework Help for Elementary School Children

Support for Special Needs Children

Behavioral, Social, Communication, Academic, Self Help, Fine and Gross Motor Skills Training for Ages 3-8, Incorporating ABA, DTT, and Positive Behavior Support Strategies

Family Support Services

IEP and ARD Planning


Christina creates opportunities for individuals to enhance their communication skills, and share their unique talents, and voices.  Christina inspires students to share their voices effectively by improving their speaking, communication, writing, and performance skills. Christina Romero was the Voice Boutique Company's  Owner, Director, and Teacher from 2011-2017.

Christina has 20 years teaching experience.  Her current Texas State Board Certifications are the following:
Theatre: Highly Qualified, Early Childhood-12th grade  
Special Education: Early Childhood-12th grade
Spanish: Early Childhood- 4th grade
Generalist: Early Childhood- 4th grade
Bilingual Education
Christina Romero was born in Denison, Texas, where she spent her formative years while still enjoying her Puerto Rican heritage through frequent vacations to see family in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  At age nine, Christina moved to Dallas, Texas. In the ninth grade Christina started acting in school plays, and she began training at Kim Dawson Studios.  Christina received a partial scholarship to complete her high school education at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, Texas.  During her high school years, Christina received several acting awards, directed The 15 Minute Hamlet, and assistant directed Lend Me a Tenor.  In her senior year, Christina was awarded the Anne Dewey Guerin Memorial Drama Award for her dedication to theatre.  She also received a full scholarship to attend Cornell University’s Summer College, where she studied Comic Theatre and Acting.

Christina studied theatre and education at Sarah Lawrence College and graduated in 2000.  She received several scholarship awards, including the Gaylord Donnelley Family Scholarship for academic excellence.  She completed a year abroad at the British American Drama Academy in London, where she studied all aspects of acting, including voice for acting.  In London, Christina’s voice teacher, Jessica Higgs, had a huge impact on Christina’s voice and developing interest in the power of the voice for actors.  During her senior year of college, she was a producer for the Sarah Lawrence College Downstage Theater.
Christina participated in Theatre Outreach during all of her college years.  This gave her the opportunity to teach theatre in the Yonkers’s Public Schools, and at Primrose Primary in London.  Christina interned at the 52 Street Project in New York City, where she began to learn about effective ways to teach children play writing.  The 52 Street Project introduced Christina to Daniel Judah Sklar’s Playmaking book, and to great actors and writers committed to helping kids.

Soon after graduation, Christina worked as a theatre teacher and administrative assistant at The Children’s Aid Society, Taft Learning Center in East Harlem. She worked as a stage manager, assistant stage manager, actress, and writer in off Broadway and Off-off Broadway productions. Christina has worked for the following schools, businesses and organizations:

ESL Teacher. (present)
VIPKID, Online, Beijing, China

Community First Choice Provider (present)
Texas Home Living, Austin, TX

Standardized Patient, UT Dell Medical School (present) 

Substitute Teacher, Austin Independent School District Substitute (present)
Contributing Artist, Acting and Voice Instructor (present)
LUPE Arte, Austin, TX
Contributing Artist and Film Producer (present)
Dames in Film, Austin, TX

Past Experience
Casting Assistant for Burton Casting
Assistant Casting for bilingual Spanish/ English and Spanish only projects
Rachel Flanagan Casting, Austin, TX
Bilingual Special Ed PPCD (Pre School for Children with Disabilities, ages 3-6) 
Program Director and Teacher
Blazier Elementary, Austin Independent School District, Austin, TX
Theatre Program Director and Teacher
Clint Small Middle School Theatre, Austin ISD, TX
Acting Teacher
Theatre Action Project, Austin, TX
Substitute Teacher
Austin Independent School District, Austin, TX
Playwriting and Acting Teacher for the Beyond Borders Program
East LA Classic Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Acting Teacher and Coach
Macker Entertainment, Glendale, CA
Clown and Many Other Characters at Parties and Events
Daizy the Clown and Company, Los Angeles, CA
Discrete Trial Therapist
Working With Autism, Encino, CA
Behavior Interventionist for Children with Autism
Intensive Behavior Intervention Consultants, CA  
Acting Teacher and Summer Camp Counselor
Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA
Acting and Voice Teacher and Play Director
San Francisco Shakespeare Festival in Berkeley
"Multimedia 101" and "Around the World" Summer Program Director
Southwest Austin YMCA, Austin, TX
Theatre Teacher and Administrative Assistant
The Children’s Aid Society, Taft Learning Center, East Harlem, NY
The 52nd Street Project, New York, NY
Volunteer Theatre Teacher and Director
BADA Theatre Outreach at Primrose Primary School, London, ENG
Volunteer Theatre Teacher, Director and Producer
Sarah Lawrence College’s Lunchbox Theatre, Community Partners and Theatre Outreach Programs, Bronxville and Yonkers, NY
Christina was awarded “Teacher of Promise,” her first year working in Austin ISD at Clint Small Middle School as the theatre program director. She’s produced and directed youth in many shows including Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz. Over the last decade, she’s taught more than 1000 kids how to write plays, and she has produced over 100 student-written one act plays, and some videos.  Christina also stays active in the performing arts.  She is represented by Collier Talent for acting work. Christina is a contributing artist and acting instructor for LUPE Arte. She is also a contributing artist and producer for Dames in Film. 
Christina is passionate about getting all children to express themselves.
 In 2001, Christina was offered a position to learn and provide Applied Behavior Analysis to an autistic child in Austin. Case supervision and training for the family in Austin was provided via CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) in Los Angeles. In August 2002, Christina moved to Los Angeles. She became a behaviorist through the Intensive Behavior Intervention Consultants. Through this agency, Christina was able to provide support to students with autism or with severe behavioral issues, in schools and homes. Christina, next, received intensive training in Discrete Trial Therapy from one of Los Angeles best organizations in the field, Working With Autism. Training at Working With Autism included monthly clinics, observations, frequent evaluations and workshops, in addition to working with several autistic children each week at their schools and in their homes, and sometimes, alongside their Speech and OT therapists. In 2004, Christina began providing private tutorial services to kids with disabilities in Los Angeles. She was also acting professionally, teaching playwriting and acting for East L.A. Classic Theatre, and she was a professional clown and other characters at children’s birthday parties. In 2005, Christina returned to Austin, and earned her teaching certification. She became highly certified to teach theatre. She ran Clint Small Middle School’ s theatre program from 2006-2009. In 2009, Christina returned to her work of providing early intervention services to special needs children. She became certified in Special Education, Bilingual- Spanish Education and Elementary Education. From 2009-2011, she taught Bilingual PPCD (Pre School for Children with Disabilities) at Blazier Elementary in southeast Austin. In June 2011, Christina founded Voice Boutique.
Group Acting Classes for Schools and Organizations
 Private Acting Coaching
 Tutoring for Elementary School Children
 Homework Help for Elementary School Children
 Support and Consultation for Special Needs Children
 Tutoring Incorporating Discrete Trial Training (DTT)/
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Techniques  
 Special Education Support Services for Parents
 School, Business and Organization Support
Group Acting Classes
For All Students!
Christina Romero is an award winning teacher who has over 15 years of experience teaching one act play writing, sketch writing, and acting to youth. She has served as a theatre director and teacher in public schools, and she has worked for wonderful private companies and organizations around the country and in London.  Christina is also an actress with extensive training, and experience.  More details about Christina's acting background are available on on IMDb:  Christina is available to bring acting classes to your group, school or organization. 
Private Acting Coaching
Acting coaching is available to help actors at all levels to prepare for acting auditions and roles. 

Tutoring and enrichment classes are available for all students 3-9 years old. Parents and Christina work together to determine primary goals, and target achievements. Christina develops lessons based on determined goals, be they academic, performance, social, self-help, communication, physical, or behavioral. Music, movement, creativity, speech, communication and writing are incorporated into lessons. Tutoring services typically take place in the student's home, in an area of the house with a table and chairs, space, and minimal distractions. Some students and teacher need a space where they can also be vocal, move, and sing.
Homework Help 
Homework help is available for students ages 4-9 in the Austin area. School assignments and communications are the primary source material.  Lessons take place in the student's home. The teacher works with the student to complete daily homework. Additional exercises are incorporated to make sessions fun, and to provide a more in depth understanding of material. The teacher will also consult with parents on helpful research based approaches to motivating students.
Support for Special Needs Children
Support is available for special needs children needing academic, communication, behavior, or social skills training and support. Community support involves academic lessons, social skills and communication training, while engaging in community activities, explorations, and opportunities.  Parents with students receiving community support also receive support navigating the special education system.  
 Tutoring Incorporating Discrete Trial Training (DTT)/
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Techniques: 
Behavioral, Social, Academic, Self Help, Fine and Gross Motor Skills Training for Ages 3-6, Incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis, Discrete Trial Therapy and Positive Behavior Support Strategies
Christina is well trained, experienced and passionate about utilizing the effective teaching strategies she learned training and working for leading organizations providing ABA and Discrete Trial.  She loves DTT and ABA results. 
Recommended Early Childhood Behavior Intervention
Discrete Trial Therapy is a research based instructional strategy proven to effectively teach children with autism, Asperger’s, or with an unspecified developmental disorder. Children who are speech impaired, with challenging behaviors also benefit from DTT. Discrete Trail Training is a method of individualizing and simplifying instructions, using engaging repetition drills, ongoing responses to provide clarity, and continuous teacher documentation of daily progress to significantly enhance students' learning, and to continue working with the individual student in a specific direction, based on measured progress. It is especially useful for teaching new forms of behavior, speech, and self-help skills. Acquisition of academic materials is also easier using the discrete trial strategy of breaking lessons into smaller units for mastery. DTT is interactive and engaging, while it also works on students' discipline to stay focused during learning activities. Tutoring utilizing Discrete Trial Training strategies is offered for children ages 3-7 at Voice Boutique. The teacher and student work, 1:1, in a setting with minimal distractions, with a table, 2 chairs, and enough space for movement activities.
Special Education and Other Family Support Services
Christina is happy to assist parents with any communications that will help any individuals in their family to continue to develop connections for continued growth or education.  Christina is a former bilingual special education public school teacher, delighted to answer questions and help you to better understand options and effective strategies to advocate for your child. Christina is available to assist in any aspects of IEP and ARD meeting planning and procedures.
School, Business and Organization Support
Assistant Casting 
Guest Artist for Theatre, Film, or Television Acting Classes

Special Education,The Arts,
Community, and Support Links
Any Baby Can Child and Family Resource Center
Austin Child Guidance Center
The Hideout Theater
The Arc of the Capitol Area
PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival
The State Organization on Arts and Disability
Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival
Submission Page!
Autism Links
Autism Society of Austin
Autism Speaks
Autism Votes
Foothill Autism Alliance
Exceptional Minds
Valuable Autism Related Literature for Parents:
Free Communication Resource for Non-Verbal Students
Sign Language
Funding Assistance and Programs for Special Needs and Autism
There are pre-school programs available to 3-6 year olds with disabilities in the public schools.  Districts evaluate individual students to determine recommended placements and services to offer. Medicaid, ATCIC, and some insurance companies provide ongoing opportunities and financial aid for students with disabilities to receive the amazing life long benefits of early intervention services and therapies. 

Screen Actors Guild
In The Moment Acting Studio
Austin Film Festival
SXSW Film Festival
The Second City
The 52nd Street Project
The British American Drama Academy
Sarah Lawrence College
The San Francisco Mime Troupe
Testimonials About Christina Romero as a Teacher and Tutor
"Christina Romero is one of the most effective teachers for ALL types of students that I have ever observed, whether they are gifted or learning-disabled. She knows how to make learning fun, and students look forward to each class with her."
-Gladys Tynes
Teacher Certification Supervisor
"My son loves Miss Romero because she has taught him a lot.  When he started with her, he did not know ABCs, nor his name, how to write it.  I like her because she has a love for teaching.  I think all teachers should have that love for teaching and kids. It's the best way for students to develop confidence and a desire to learn.  I am very happy with the ways my son is learning with her because in short amounts of time, he advances.  When I began to see her way of working, I loved it." /
"A mi me encanta Miss Romero porque le ha enseñado mucho a mi hijo.  Cuando el comenzó con ella no sabia ni el albecedario, ni su nombre como escribirlo.  Me gusta porque tiene un carisma para enseñar, y considero que eso es lo que toda maestra debe tener, ese deseo de enseñar y querer a los niños.  Es la mejor manera que ellos sienten confianza y tienen mas ganas de aprender.  Estoy muy feliz de la manera que mi hijo esta aprendiendo con ella, porque en poco tiempo puedo ver el avance de el.  Cuando yo comencé a ver su manera de trabajar me encanto."
-Dania Quijano
Parent of Voice Boutique students
"Miss Romero is an exceptional educator and has an uncanny ability to make a strong and positive connection with children. I have seen her bring out the best in my children and I have marveled at the work she has done with other groups of children in theater productions. What I am struck by is her positive energy and enthusiasm in finding creative ways to interact with children, even those who may be a challenge to reach. Just mention Miss Christina's to my children and they break into smiles and questions about when she will come visit them again."
-Anne Marie Currie
Parent of Voice Boutique students