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SAG Script2Screen reading of David Rakowiecki's Fly Me To The Moon on The Closet screening in the La Riverside Bad Ass Female Filmmakers Screening
Make Safe Happen SAG National Commercial link


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Along with acting, Christina Romero does great work behind the scenes.  Christina is a producer with Dames in Film on Timeca Seretti's "The Closet" short film, which is currently in the festival circuit.  The Closet recently won Best Short Film at The Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Best Short Narrative at the Gary International Black Film Festival, in Gary, Indiana, and Honorable Mention at the Denton Black Film Festival and at Global Shorts.


See Christina Romero as Yolanda Dominguez in season 2 of ABC's American Crime and as Mother in season 2 of HBO The Leftovers

SAG Script2Screen reading of David Rakowiecki's Fly Me To The Moon

I had an incredibly wonderful experience as Kendall in the SAG-AFTRA Austin Actors Conservatory Script 2 Screen reading of David Rakowiecki's "Fly Me To The Moon," screenplay.  David Rakowiecki is an amazing writer.  This particular screenplay is hilarious and fun!  

 on The Closet screening in the La Riverside Bad Ass Female Filmmakers Screening

The La Riverside screening will be on Friday, May 6th.

Here is a great write up about this production by Liz Lopez in

Christina is dedicated to helping all voices be heard.  She wants to hear more women's voices and stories in all media.  She wants to see more leading ladies.  She loves diversity and truth in casting.  Christina is a producer on Timeca Seretti's "The Closet," starring Monique Straw.  Please come to a screening of "The Closet.

Make Safe Happen SAG National Commercial link

I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of this gorgeous, thoughtful, and caring, SAG national commercial forNationwide's Make Safe Happen.
Home safety tips for children! Enjoy watching via the link above!

Timeca Seretti's The Closet, produced by Christina Romero, with Dames in Film

In efforts to have more women's stories, voices, and leading ladies in film, I am a producer on Timeca Seretti's "The Closet."  Please come out to see it.  Our next screening on 5/6/16.  Here is the public Facebook invite: I hope to see you there, weather permitting!  Thank you for your support!

This screening has been rescheduled, due to weather conditions.  It is now scheduled for Friday, May 6th.

Burton Casting, SAG National Commercial

My agents, Jessica Sloan, Heather Collier, and Laura Maxwell Scott at Collier are amazing.  Casting Directors, Kim and Brad Burton, are incredible casting directors, and wonderful souls.  I absolutely loved working with Arturo Perez, David Wolfson, and the entire extraordinary team that I had the joy, honor, and thrill to be with this week.  I am so incredibly grateful for this SAG national commercial role in my life, and for the support on this journey.  One of my big goals of 2016 has been achieved, and a big dream has come true.  Dreams come true!

Producing Timeca Seretti's "The Closet" Short

It has been an enriching journey, joy, and pleasure to put my skills in production to use by producing a powerful short film, with myDames in Filmpartners, Timeca Seretti, Monique Straw, Leslie Langée, and Melanie René.  Timeca Seretti's "The Closet" stars Monique Straw, Richard Renteria, and Melanie René.  We had our first cast, crew, and community screening during SXSW, at the Austin Film Society SXSW Shortcase Community Event, at the Marchesa Hall and Theater in Austin, Texas.

Norman Lear's Guess Who Died, Austin Film Festival, and CBS Sunday Morning

It was an honor and joy to read Millie Sylvestri in Norman Lear's "Guess Who Died" tv pilot at Austin Film Festival.  It's an excellent pilot script, very funny, and I hope the show gets picked up.  To be honest, I also hope to be Millie, again and again.

Here is a screen shot from our reading recorded by Austin Film Festival and CBS Sunday Morning.

Christina Romero as Yolanda Dominguez on American Crime

American Crime

ABC's About American Crime link


American Crime on itunes

See Christina as Yolanda Dominguez on American Crime, season 2.