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Richard Linklater film extra

One of my favorite directors isRichard Linklater, and he happens to shoot films, quite often, in Texas.  I would love to have roles in his films!  I have not done extra work in about 2 years, but when I saw the Third Coast Casting call for extras on Linklater's Boyhood (Untitled 12 Year Project),I submitted myself to be an extra for half day on my day off.  I could use the little extra cash, as my budget has been tight!  I am grateful to Lacey and the team atBeth Sepko's Third Coast Casting

Simon Quiroz's CAGERS (Working Title)

I am thrilled to be cast in CAGERS (Working Title), directed by Simon Quiroz and produced by Stefania Bellini!  I look forward to the journey of basketball and acting with wonderful and talented individuals.

Take Back the Court

I have a second tentative basketball meet for Simon Quiroz's "Take Back the Court," tomorrow.  I am hoping for the best!  

Take Back The Court (Working Title)

I am happy to report that tomorrow I will be on the court with friends in film.  It will be a test.  I have been practicing basketball!  Last week, producer Stefania Bellini and director Simon Quiroz, treated me and other talent to a delicious and fun dinner to hear our Puerto Rican Spanish accents.  I am enjoying this journey, and I definitely wish to be in this film, "Take Back the Court."

Screenings of of Texas made films

As an actor, I try to see movies as often as possible to learn and learn more about both the world around me, and to be inspired by great acting and creativity.  I especially love seeing the work of Texas filmmakers since I reside in Texas, and wish to work with many of them.  Some great films I got to see over the last month include Terrence Malick'sTo The Wonder, .  I attended a private screening of it at Austin Film Society.  I also got to see Chris Eska's

So Much Going On in 3 Days Time

This evening I am performing a long scene fromOscar Wilde'sAn Ideal Husband in Laurel Vouvray's advanced Meisner class, also often referred to as character class, because it is the stage in Meisner where one moves into character work, and continues with all other prior techniques.  I am playing Ms. Cheveley, and Laurel encouraged me to play, play play!
Tomorrow, I get to attend a screening of Terrence Malick'sTo The Wonder,with the director and cast in attendance.  I am grateful to my friend Mike Blizzard for the passes and opportunity.

Austin Film Society and SXSW, Austin TX 2013

It's been a very busy month.  On top of the usual training, Voice Boutique work, staying healthy and a little film role this week,  I have met and reunited with amazing producers, filmmakers, creative artists, crew and actors.  I have attended screenings and parties.  I am so grateful for all the fun.  This miraculous month and the magical people here in Austin this March make me so happy!  Special thanks to Austin Film Society and SXSW, and my friends in the Austin film industry, and beyond, who rock my world and inspire me everyday on this journey in the arts, and making dreams coming true!

Acting training, scene from Harold Pinter's BETRAYAL

I have been training with Laurel Smith Vouvray at In the Moment Acting Studio of Austin for one year now.  We have worked on Meisner techniques, scene study, performance, and character development.  I learn and appreciate so much about Laurel's class.  Laurel carefully choses our scenes during our scene months.  This month I am working on Harold Pinters's Betrayal.  Harold Pinter happens to be one of my all time favorite playwrights.  I saw Betrayal in London many years ago.  My scene partner is great to work with.  Now, this last week, I have to give it my all, and go to that place of deep love, keeping the stakes high before the break up in our scene. 

Austin Film Society's Make Watch Love Film

Last night I attended Austin Film Society'sMake Watch Love Film event.  My agents were in attendance, many friends, casting directors, actors, filmmakers and producers.  I had a wonderful time. 
I had the fortune of meeting one of my favorite local filmmakers, who also works and is appreciated nationally and beyond, yes, you know his work, Richard LinklaterI have been following and loving his movies since back in high school.
I am glad that I showed up to this event.

New Headshots

I am scheduled for a headshot photography with Beth Shea tomorrow!  She has been especially thoughtful, thorough and careful in preparation for the shoot.  I hope that we do fabulous work together, tomorrow!
Beth Shea Photography